For E-Racer and Real Racers

Design a shoe for SIM racers who wants to become a real racer, by providing a indoor racing shoe that helps the driver to train and also used in the real racing.

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For future of Stone Island and Sustainable Luxury 


Re-define sustainability in luxury brands, and suggest a conceptual future branding and line of products for the brand Stone Island. 

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Material Exploration


As a class we explored the future of material, from sustainable materials to smart fabrics from different sources and properties. 


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For all the forgotten masterpieces.

Mark is an AR painting device and goggle for artists to to create and preserve their master-pieces forever in augmented reality world. The design is inspired from my childhood. 



For the future and the youth of East LA

Loco is a sustainable skate shoe for East LA young athletes to play sports by allowing a pair of shoe to be fixed and used to create  longer life-cycle for skate shoes. 


For college students.

'Moda' is portable workspace for college students which allows them to customize their workspace by genre of study and create their own zone of productivity.

For ERNST everything clients


As a Design Assistant/Intern,

I have participated in design, prototype,  brief, production management and creative direction on different brand product projects.