Racing Footwear Future Concept

Project Brief

The gap between digital and real world is now getting closer.

Development of gaming and simulation technology is now providing another level of hyper-realistic experience of actual racing. 

Jann Mardenborough, he was a Playstation gaming fans, who is now the professional GT racing pilot. Inspired from his journey, I decided to design an conceptual racing footwear that can support E-racers to pursue their dream to become real racers



Design a footwear for simulation racers

to become a real racer. 


The brand is Play Station, due to their deep engagement in both sim and real racing, and they are also one of the major sponsors of GT racing industry.


Compare to what they have, and since they are behind in VR or simulation gaming wear competition, there is an opportunity for 

Playstation to come up with innovative wearables.

playstation-logo-transparent-vector copy
Formula E Scan.jpg

Detachable Anti-Static Outsole

Made out of fire-retardant and anti-static rubber.

Also can be customized by the pilots ergonomics

The materials are layered in different shapes and

surface area, for different types of impacts

Programmable Carbon Fiber

The material is developed by MIT lab, which can 

expand or constrict in different thermal conditions.



Overlapped/Layered Technology

The fibers can expand and constrict

itself by thermal change.


The components are customized with

pilot's data of interior temperature 

change during the race and adjust its 

fit automatically.

It also can be used curing simulation

training to mimic the actual impact to 

provide more realistic feedback.

Heat Programmed 

Carbon Fiber 

Detachable Outsole 

The shoe has two purpose, for both

indoor and outdoor training.

Pilots can detach the outsole from

the long socks upper for simulation

training and attach it on race day.

Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 6.55.51 PM.png

Sock - Boot


During the research, I noticed that

FIA is open for innovative changes.


Since the shoes is also for gaming, 

I designed it to be different from the

traditional look of racing shoes,


The new design covers larger impact

surface with lighter construction. 

Asset 1_2x.png

Ideation Process

Final Render Painting

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 5.17.04 PM.png

Skills and Tools

Used in the Project


– Photoshop

– Keyshot


– Solidworks

– ZBrush

2018 Summer

Independent Study


– Emily Sawamura


– Hojin In and Jae Cho


– Hojin In